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"The BEST lawyer... you can't miss"


Posted by Heesoo 
November 2, 2015

     "He was the only a lawyer who showed a strong passion to win a DUI case. I still remember how he was confident on conveying his ideas in a court and how well he made a thoroughgoing argument. I'm very proud of his enthusiasm and careful investigation. If you hope to win a DUI trial Lawyer Kensky would bring your hope to the real."



    Matthew Kensky has resided in northern Virginia for over 24 years.  He was born in Newport News, Virginia and attended high school in Richmond, and in 1995 graduated cum laude from James Madison University with his Bachelors in Political Science.  Mr. Kensky earned his Juris Doctor from George Mason University School of Law in 1999.  In law school, he was Managing Editor of the GMUSL Civil Rights Law Journal, which published his case note on Casey Martin v. the PGA Tour.


    Mr. Kensky began practicing criminal & traffic defense law at the Fairfax Public Defender's Office, where he advocated for thousands of clients facing all levels of criminal and traffic charges.  Before his partnership at Borjian & Kensky Law Group, PLLC, he worked in a Fairfax-based private law office, serving clients throughout Northern VA courthouses.  Mr. Kensky has substantial experience in GDC, JDR & Circuit courts including over 20 felony jury trials.


    He has argued cases before all levels of VA administrative agencies, as well as cases before the Virginia Court of Appeals and the Virginia Supreme Court.  He is a regularly-featured speaker at legal seminars (CLEs) updating other lawyers on criminal and traffic defense law.

Practice Areas

    His law practice is primarily devoted to all levels of criminal & traffic defense.  Matthew Kensky also handles quasi-criminal matters, such as administrative law violations issued by the VA Dept. of ABC or Child Protective Services, protective order hearings, and petitions for expungement.

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  • "Casey Martin v. PGA Tour, Inc.: Introducing Handicaps to Professional Golf by Widening the Scope of the ADA", GMUSL Civil Rights Law Journal, Winter, 1998

Noteworthy Cases

  • Wara Wara, Inc. v. VA Dept. Alcoholic Beverage Control, 2015 Va.App. LEXIS 62 (2015) (in an appeal to the Court of Appeals for Virginia, challenged sufficiency of evidence of alleged violations by restaurant of VA ABC happy hour & beverage service regulations, in administrative regulation case)

  • Commonwealth v. Meyers, 2005 Va. App. LEXIS 57 (2005) (in Commonwealth's interlocutory appeal to the Court of Appeals for Virginia, defended trial court's ruling in Defendant's favor that officer violated the accused's Miranda rights where police questioning in the detective's vehicle was custodial, in felony larceny case).

  • Varga v. Commonwealth, 260 Va. 547 (2000) (in an appeal to the Supreme Court of Virginia, attacked Circuit Court's order revoking Defendant driving privileges and declaring him a 'habitual offender' because it was more than ten years old and did not comport with statutorily required language, in felony habitual offender case).

  • Commonwealth v. Lizazu-Arias, 57 Va. Cir. 478 (2000) (in the Fairfax Circuit Court, excluded BAC result where breath tech operator reversed regulatory procedure of Intoxilyzer machine, and showed that substantial compliance to ensure breath test accuracy did not occur, in DWI case).

Seminars Taught

  • Speaker, “DWI/ Traffic Case Law Update” – Presented at Fairfax Bar Association’s “Annual Traffic Law CLE.” , 2013 - 2018

  • Speaker, “Traffic Law: Statutory & Case Law Updates.” Presented at Prince William Bar Association CLE luncheon (September 2016).

  • Speaker, "Update on Virginia Case Law - Forensic Evidence." Presented at Fairfax Bar Association's "Criminal Law CLE" (October 2011).

  • Speaker, "Criminal Law - Overview of Current Cases." Presented at Fairfax Bar Association's "Criminal Law CLE" (October 2010).

  • Speaker, "The Legal Strategies for Confrontation: DUI Litigation in the post-Melendez-Diaz Legal System." Presented at Virginia CLE's "DUI Defense- Smart Strategy, Creative Tactics" (September 2010).

  • Speaker, "Updates on Virginia case law regarding Melendez-Diaz, Grant, and other recent Issues." Presented at Fairfax Bar Association's "Annual Traffic Law CLE" (January 2010). 

  • Lecturer, "Defending DWI/ DUI in Fairfax Courts." Training Seminar at the Fairfax County Office of the Public Defender (June 2007).

  • Speaker, "Creative DUI Defense", Virginia Public Defender Commission Annual Conference (March 2001).